Thursday, 25 September 2014

Private Study for this week

And here are a few shots of you in action…

Learning camerawork and editing through practice - 25.9.14

Read and watch what follows... There is a lot to learn from it! This will consolidate what you did n lesson time.

NOW START HERE: A fantastic film made by a film student to teach you all you need to know. Flawless editing. Watch and learn!


You can learn an awful lot about making a film on a tight budget from Robert Rodriguez, director of El Mariachi. You can also find more of his videos on YouTube as well as extracts from his films.

And here is the trailer for El Mariachi (1992).

Back to Basics: CAMERAWORK
Easy to follow guide to learn the basics of the trade! Click here.

These videos from OCR are also useful.

Ocrmediaas_basics of Video Editing
Ocrmediaas_making Your Video

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thursday 18th September - Gender representation


What does this extract teach us about stereotypical gender representations?

1. Students' presentations around Berger's quotation.

2. More food for thought - Recorded students' responses:

3. What about representations of masculinity? Some help here:

4. Practical: Editing your presentation in Final Cut.

5. So what about TV Drama?
This is a past exam text. The question is:
How does the extract construct representations of gender through the use of (the micro-elements):
- Mise-en-scene
- Camerawork
- Sound
- Editing?

To be finished as home learning. Do use the booklet provided for support.