Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Both groups, Complete the following:

I am very surprised not to see your Skins work on your blogs. If you've done it on paper, make sure you leave it in the pod for me to pick up.
1. All missing work to be completed - some of the responses on Eastenders should be developed.

2. There is an exam practice extract from Hustle for you to complete below.

3. Read the 3 articles from the Media Mag below and make some notes on your blog for each one. For the last one, it might be a few definitions to do with sound.

4. Start reading through the past papers and students' scripts carefully. They are levelled. You might want to watch the extracts first and have a go first before reading an answer or at least plan it.

Much to be done independently!
Make us proud!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Past papers and students' scripts

To raise your game, here is a link to take you to the relevant post.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Reading from Media Mag

You need to read and make notes on the articles below. Aim for a few bullet points to sum up each one.

Extension for those aiming for a top grade:
Read this analysis of an episode of Sugar Rush. A* quality! (from the Media Mag)

Representations of Teens and teen sexuality in Sugar Rush

Exam Practice - Hustle - Representation of Age

Hustle, Series 3, Episode 4.

How is representation of age constructed in this extract? (from about 3:02 to 5:55)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Due in 27.3 or 28.3.12

Write up what you discussed on representations of age, focusing on Tony and his dad, in the opening scene of Skins.
Click here for Series 1 episode 1 (first 4 and a half minutes)

Some questions to guide you with your analysis of Tony (i.e. represenattion of teens). Follow a similar structure for his dad. Remember to use the idea of binary oppositions.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Clips for lesson 13.3.12 + due in 21 or 22.3.12

Kid British - Our dad (is dadless)

Shameless series 1 episode 1

TASK: Write up your response to 'How does the extract construct representations of social class?'Using screengrabs to add to your evidence would be very worthwhile.

TASK: Read and annotate the model answer.

Two level 4 answers (link is also on the right-hand side)
I handed out the 2nd one to group 2 but group 1 need to look and print.

NOTE: The first answer's structure is to write 1 paragraph for each micro-element. The second answer splits the extract in 4 parts and considers how all 4 elements construct certain representations.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Clips for lesson 6.3.11 and set task for next lesson

You need to use your class notes and the extracts below to write up your extended answer to the question below:

How do the 2 extracts construct representations of social class? Refer to the micro-elements.

Bring a hard copy to the lesson but also post it on your blog. We'll need to refer to the blogs in class.