Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Over the Christmas holidays...

1. Make a few notes on the Skins extract we've seen, particularly the second one (episode 1 series 3) making use of the PPT in the previous post.

2. Most people STILL need to put their wider reading notes on their blogs.

3. Watch classic thrillers in preparation for the coursework unit!

NOW IS TIME TO SWITCH TO YOUR THRILLER BLOGS - Start recording good thrillers you've seen, trailers, film posters, iconic shots etc.

The class blog is here: Thriller Opening Project

Your own thriller blogs will be externally moderated. Take good care of them! EMAIL ME THE URLs - THANK YOU.

Representation of Age - Skins

Discuss the ways in which representations of age are constructed through the 4 micro-elements, paying particular attention to Tony and his dad (binary opposites) in the opening scene of Skins.
Click here for Series 1 episode 1 (first 4 and a half minutes)

You could respond to the following questions to help you structure your response. Do use specific examples from the extract.

And here are the screenshots to help you focus on specific examples:

Home-Learning: Same question - Use the opening of Skins, series 3 episode 1 (watched in class). Write up your essay and hand it in as soon as possible. The episode is available from 4OD (see link on the right).

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Representation of ethnicity

How does the extract construct representations of ethnicity? Refer to the 4 micro-elements.

Read the exemplar answer again.

Here is an exemplar response, marked 39/50 (B+):

Hotel Babylon Grade B answer

Examiner's Report - Take the time to read this carefully! It is detailed and should very helpful when you seek to improve your response.

Examiner's Report on G322 TV Drama Unit (January 2010)