Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Basics of Video Editing

Camerawork - Other students' work

Homework for next Wednesday - The importance of Editing

Watch the clip below from 1:03 to the end then answer the questions that follow. This task should be completed on your brand new Induction blog with the label "Homelearning".

Enemy of the State, Tony Scott, 1998

1. What is the point of this sequence? Describe briefly how tension is created through the editing.
2. Look at the use of CU or Medium CU. Why are they primarily used here? Refer to specific shots (screengrab them if you can [with Fn Print Screen then Control - V on a PC] and embed them within your post).
3. Choose 15-20 seconds from anywhere in the sequence and describe each shot in detail, explaining its effect / function for the audience, as well as commenting on how the cuts (the editing) adds to the meaning.
4. How far does the editing of this sequence fit in with the genre of the thriller? Justify your opinion.

Above all, do your best to engage with the sequence and the task.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Welcome AS Students!

In the last lesson, we've introduced some important terms and had a first go at some practical work.

Your first blog will document what you were asked to do, with embedded pictures / videos (we will work on this in the next lesson).
In the meantime, you should explain what you did, what you have learnt and reflect on what you have done successfully and less successfully. Try and include as much of the terminology we introduced and explain the term or find an illustration or video online to provide examples.

Impress us!