Friday, 26 April 2013


Discuss the ways in which representations of age are constructed through the 4 micro-elements, paying particular attentin to Tony and his dad, in the opening scene of Skins.
Click here for Series 1 episode 1 (first 4 and a half minutes)

You could respond to the following questions instead. (Ignore question 4). Do use specific examples.

And here are the screenshots to help you focus on specific examples:

Home-Learning: Same question - Use the opening of Skins, series 3 episode 1 (watched in class). Write up your essay and hand it in as soon as possible. The episode is available from 4OD (see link on the right).

TV Drama 4 by hgaldinoshea

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thursday 18.4.13 and Friday 19.4.13 - Classwork

Representation of Class and Status

Shameless series 1 episode 1

TASK 1: Write up your response to 'How does the extract construct representations of social class?' Screengrabs to add to your evidence would be very worthwhile.

TASK 2: Read and annotate the model answer.

Two level 4 answers (link is also on the right-hand side)

NOTE: The first answer's structure is to write 1 paragraph for each micro-element. The second answer splits the extract in 4 parts and considers how all 4 elements construct certain representations.

TASK 3: Make some notes on the extracts below to write up your extended answer to the question:
How do the 2 extracts construct representations of social class? Refer to the micro-elements.